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Evaluation of Web content accessibility

wuhkag is a Web application written in PHP for evaluating Web sites accessibility and publishing an HTML accessibility policy. It supports W3C WCAG 1.0 and requires PHP 4; its main objective is to help webmasters write a clear and complete web accessibility policy.

Choose a compliance level

Through this form you can select a compliance level against WCAG 1.0 which will be the aim of your analytical evaluation; for instance you can choose the minimum level in order to obtain the 'Single A' compliance or, if you wish, second or triple A's. Once you complete the form, further steps allow you to obtain a very useful report of your accessibility assessment and a proposal of a technical accessibility policy against WCAG 1.0.


In order to perform the evaluation, it is necessary to enable cookies during your navigation; the session cookie that's been set, does not violate your privacy rights.